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changing spaces to change lives. 

s e r v i c e S 


Projects Workshops

For: individuals &



Informed Vision.

Efficient decisions.      Money spent wisely. 


A Room of

One's Own

For: empty nesters, teens & individuals who long for space

to create and Be.    

Formula for Creativity brings to fruition  your 

place of inspiration.   




for A Day          

For: individuals to 

refresh and realtors

to sell. 


Real time change.

Onsite. Camera Ready.          

The Upside

of Downsizing

For: Families and their

senior loved ones and

divorcing couples and kids.         

A compassionate

objective collaboration. Engaged living still.



an expression and an extension of yourself...

"Caroline performed Interior Mapping on my brand new place... I was moving with no possessions except for my clothes into a beautiful new house all white inside. Caroline sat patiently with me to understand who I was and what drove me, and the emotions and experiences I wanted to have in my home. She was intuitive yet organized, and produced a plan that was creative and comforting. Caroline's ideas transformed my place, and I strongly recommend her to anybody looking to make their home an expression, and an extension of themselves."   - Vineet

What is interiOR


Interior Mapping™ integrates solid Interior Design with Intuitive Feng Shui and Green principles. It infuses the vitality of Dance & Yoga and is focused on how people and energy consciously fit and flow with their surroundings for daily inspiration. Body, Mind, Spirit and  S P A C E

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