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C A R O L I N E   D A Y

My life experience has culminated in Design that is all about people Consider me an Interpreter of Spaces, an Interiors Guide. My joy is

to connect people to their spaces and, in turn, to themselves.

Seen & heard.


Caroline earned a BA in Architecture and French Literature from Bennington College and a BS in Interior Design from La Roche College. She is an ASID Professional Member, a certified Green Building Professional and a Feng Shui practitioner. She has taught at the Art Institute and has run Caroline Day Design in New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco for over 20 years.


Caroline is a life long dancer and yoga practitioner, a world traveler, Arts appreciator, mother of a son and finds source in Nature.


C A T A L Y S T   F O R   C H A N G E 

What I find gratifying about my work is that people come to me when they recognize a need for Change. They may feel stuck in some way that we can address with a fresh perspective - from the outside in. 

I open up people’s spaces. I open people to their spaces and to their lives. Openings bring clearings. I can be a catalyst for the personal growth that you have brewing within. 

T H E   R O L E   O F   C H A N G E

Caroline’s parents are both sociologists and environmentalists. As a family they travelled the world extensively and moved between the United States and Australia. Caroline became fascinated by how people live and learned to adapt to Change –  several homes, 13

schools and new relationships. 


With each move I organized essential belongings and created bedrooms to ground myself and reflect who I was at that time in my life. It was a gift to have control over rooms of my own. I found meaning and essential solace in them. I can do the same for you.

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