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Caroline is a joy to work with, she is a breath of fresh air! Her ‘can do’ attitude and readiness to take on any challenge is so refreshing. I have had the opportunity to work with four Interior Designers and Caroline is by far the best on all levels. Caroline is adept at working with any décor...She works tirelessly to find the best craft people and quality furnishings at the most reasonable price. What impressed me most was her ability to listen and her attention to detail. She was even able to keep us on track with our stated outcomes, when we tended toward impulsive decisions...Her ability to make seemingly inconsequential suggestions that had a major effect on each room’s overall ambiance was quite remarkable...She is a gem. - Heather

Caroline was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I recommend her as a designer, consultant, facilitator, and manager...Caroline solicited a great deal of information from us about our likes and dislikes, our desires for the use of the spaces, and information on how we live. Our home is our sanctuary…it is, literally, breathtaking...Caroline is a versatile, creative and practical designer...[She] hired excellent subcontractors... she gets along well with her colleagues and workers and brings out the best in them. - Janine & Spencer

Caroline turned out a super design for our tiny bathroom... thought it couldn't be done. Under budget and super result.

Nice work! - Jay

[Caroline] has an incredible eye for color and texture, flow and functionality, and seamlessly integrates your existing pieces. Of particular note to couples: she was a great arbitrator of differences between us. Her choices simply pleased us both. - Maria

Caroline did amazing work for us on our kitchen, dining and bathroom remodel, interior paint choices throughout the house, and re-upholstering design. Over ten years later the design is still relevant and the best thing in our house. - Vincent

The design was so unusual and imaginative that it left us looking forward to the project with great anticipation. [Caroline] was sensitive to our feelings and used much of our furniture and family belongings in an innovative and cohesive plan... She prepared good budgets and kept us well informed of cost... Caroline paid attention to many small details which added immensely to a successful job. The room is heaven! We love it...we are very happy. - Donna 


Caroline performed Interior Mapping on my brand new place in Noe Valley in June 2012. I was moving with no possessions except for my clothes into a beautiful new house... Caroline sat patiently with me to understand who I was and what drove me, and the emotions and experiences I wanted to have in my home. She was intuitive yet organized, and produced a plan that was creative and comforting ... Caroline's ideas transformed my place, and I strongly recommend her to anybody looking to make their home an expression, and an extension of themselves. - Vineet

I highly recommend meeting with Caroline if you are stuck in any area of your life. ...After one consultation with the intent to bring a loving relationship into my life (having been virtually single for over 8 years), I met the man of my dreams...... within 2 months of the design changes and we've been together for over a year now and very happy. I truly believe that the few key decorative changes that were made in my bedroom in particular, made all the difference. There were certain elements that were not serving me well in that space and Caroline spotted these issues immediately. Caroline's eye for detail and her energetic sensitivity are very rare. - Laura

It’s 1:30 am – but I just had to tell you how much I love my new house. I moved furniture until the lady below me will surely complain...I had fun putting all my favorite things around - keeping your ideas in mind... - Elaine

[Caroline] is very concerned about what you want for your home or office, not necessarily what is the latest fashion. Her designs are simple, elegant and timeless; and most important to me, easy to live with. - Jerri

Everything is beautifully aligned on many levels. Looking forward to sweet dreams tonight....I love my bed orientation SO much! Love looking at the prettiest parts of my room when I wake up!!..I love my room!!! - Ania

Thanks for all your ideas and deft way with group dynamics. You & your gift brought us all together on this project...a big thanks.  - Leader Condo Members



My compliments on the spectacular job you created an environment that is a source of daily satisfaction to me and is much complimented by others. The office is not only aesthetically pleasing but it also just “works” well, and it is a tribute to your skills...Your combination of personableness and professionalism struck just the right note. - Dino KRON 4 TV

I’m so happy with the way things have turned out...It’s amazing to me how you were able to create reality of the dream and images vaguely floating around in my head – magic! - Beth

Caroline transformed our office with rich, bold combinations of color, texture and innovative solutions for placing furniture and art. We've gotten enthusiastic compliments from visitors ever since and frequently remark ourselves how much fun it is to work in the new space. She uses a helpful [Interior Mapping] process to understand who you are and what you're trying to accomplish in your environment and then translates those ideas into tangible designs that most people would find difficult to imagine themselves. She was also responsive to concerns about project costs and viewed our budget more as a creative challenge than a frustrating constraint. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to transform their office or home. - Milo - 


Your additions to this store are just absolutely wonderful & I have a client for of the great gifts I could give her would be to send her to you for some help...I want to personally thank you for all the wonderful energy that you put into this...We think of you often, of course, as our lovely little store has these great design details that remind us of you! - Pamela & Pam Store Managers – Aveda

Caroline helped my husband and me think about spacing and furniture in his new psychotherapy office in San Francisco. We had considered so many options, trying to obsessively create "the perfect space with the perfect furniture" that we were somewhat lost and overwhelmed. We consulted with Caroline for two hours. She started by thinking about the space from a Feng Shui perspective. It grounded our vision. Each piece of furniture became alive in its assigned place. Working together with her, the coherence and harmony of the ensemble was taking shape in our mind. In the next few days, we were able to take action and select most of the different pieces, styles, and fabrics we needed. …we really enjoyed Caroline's open mind, ability to listen …as well as her creativity and professionalism. We recommend her highly. - Stephanie

Caroline performed an incredible transformation on our home office! We had no idea how to fit all our stuff into one space that was both functional and inviting. After just a couple of hours in our home, she mapped out a way to fit all our furniture into the space in a way that we could have never imagined... we love it! ...She listened to what we really wanted and she delivered 110%. Both my husband and I get the benefit of the natural lighting, I now have a serene view from my desk, we have all of our stuff neatly hidden away in storage and we actually enjoy working in our office now! She knew we were working on a tight budget so she designed the room to use most of our existing furniture so we had very little additional expense....Working with [Caroline] was amazing. She's both sweet and ambitious, she just jumped right in and got the job done. We are super happy!  - Julia



Caroline is a creative and energetic spirit of sincere passion for quality design...a resourceful and patient designer...[Her practice of Feng Shui] attests to her concern for the human/design relationship and the social and psychological impact that [designers] have in adapting spaces for present and future generations. - Jack Travis Architect - former employer

I feel so grateful to have Caroline in my life to help me arrange my home spaces! I first used her services about a year ago, to help breathe new life into my bedroom. My already beautiful room transformed into a gorgeous sanctuary! I recently hired her again when I moved into a studio. Caroline is so great at arranging a small space to feel open, spacious, and balanced. I've never had a feng shui consult before but I hear the downside is they sometimes prescribe certain "lucky" objects to be placed in certain places. Caroline's Interior Mapping utilizes basic Feng Shui principles but she thinks about the intention behind objects and works with what you have, and your own aesthetic... I like my space feeling like my own and looking organic, not too prescribed with a fountain in one corner, bamboo in another, etc. You can tell she's such an experienced pro. Caroline started out in NYC, working with a lot of artists. If she's good enough to do Diana Ross's bedroom, she's good enough for mine! - Ania

It was a treasure to have you enter my life. You touched many hearts and minds at your workshop.... - Host Feng Shui Workshop

Your clients will always want the spirit within your heart which is virtually priceless... They must know how fortunate they would be to work with you.  - Leo



Everything looks fantastic – the colors have really brought the place to life! I feel like I’m living in a sculpture. - Ilene

I had a great meeting with Caroline. She is very thorough, creative, helpful and thoughtful. We spent several hours discussing colors and the vision for the house.  She came up with a great scheme that I love. It involves shades of gray and highlighting (in an architectural sense) portions of the house. It will be very dramatic and elegant...She's terrific and I have great confidence in her skills and taste. - Barbara



Caroline, you are so smart and it is delightful to experience your teaching. You inspire students with your enthusiasm and passion for your profession. Thank you for your commitment to our students.  - Caren Maghreblian - Dean of Studies

Caroline Day was a teacher of mine at The Art Institute. It was so refreshing to have a teacher who really impacted me and reminded me of why I chose to study interior design. In classes before Caroline everything seemed so accurate and precise, right way/wrong way. She was so wonderful in encouraging "the process” ... This, I believe, is the only way to really produce quality work…Being patient and staying calm was key. That and knowing I had a teacher who was confident in me was all I needed. Most importantly, she provided a wealth of knowledge and experience. It was such a privilege to be taught by a professional in the field… I learned more from her in one quarter than I had my entire time at AI… The school and the students are very lucky to have someone like Caroline Day on staff.  - Christina


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