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Specializing in small space design.

Connection with clients. Efficient decisions with confidence.  Fast Vision.  Money well spent.


For individuals to refresh and realtors to sell.

Real time change. In your space. Camera ready.


For empty nesters, teens and individuals

who long for space to create and Be.

Formula for Creativity brings to fruition your place of inspiration.


For families and their senior loved ones

Lovingly cared for spaces reflect lovingly cared for people. A compassionate objective collaboration.


For business events and marketing, employee wellness, health & healing centers.

Bringing alive the possibilities held in our surroundings and how to make positive change.


Discovery Profile™ Formula for Creativity™

FASIC Theory of Clutter™ Move with Design™

WHAT IS INTERIOR MAPPING™ ?                                                 

  • Interior Mapping™ integrates solid Interior Design with intuitive Feng Shui and Green principles.

  • It infuses the vitality of Dance and Yoga and is focused on how individuals and energy consciously fit and flow with their surroundings. Body, Mind, Spirit *and* Space.

  • The unique Discovery Profile - a series of questionnaires developed over 20 years  - is a simple and efficient system of inquiry that hones in on a client's preferences, taste and goals.

  • Findings are interpreted then intention is layered into a highly personalized and inspiring design. 

WHY IS INTERIOR MAPPING EFFECTIVE?                            

  • Our spaces reflect and affect who we are. Interior Mapping invites us to take an objective look at the stories held in our belongings and how we show up in our living and work places. 

  • Clearing and redesigning our familiar rooms can have dramatic and immediate results.

  • Healthy inspired environments can nourish relationships, productivity and personal growth.

  • Decisions when backed by intention are made faster and instill confidence.

  • Design choices satisfy and are lasting. Money is spent wisely.

innovative and cohesive plan

" The design was so unusual and imaginative that it left us looking forward to the project with great anticipation. Caroline was sensitive to our feelings and used much of our furniture and family belongings in an innovative and cohesive plan. She prepared good budgets and kept us well informed of cost as the project proceeded. Caroline paid attention to and followed through on many small details which added immensely to a successful job. The room is heaven! We love it. We are very happy." - Donna & Alan

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